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Leeper Park Art Fair Information


Application fee deadline: March 1
Notification mailed to all applicants by March 15
Booth fee payment due by April 1
Registration and booth setup June 16-17
Show: June 16-17


Leeper Park is located at 900 N. Michigan St. South Bend, Indiana


The Leeper Park Art Fair uses the CAFE (Community of Artists for Equity) standards for reproductions.
  • All reproductions must be signed and numbered.
  • All reproductions, whether framed or unframed, must be clearly and individually labelled "REPRODUCTION" or "LIMITED EDITION REPRODUCTION." This notice must appear on the FRONT of each item displayed.
  • Framed reproductions may be displayed in browse bins and/or hung on ONE wall of booth. All unframed reproductions must be displayed in browse bins.
  • Unframed reproductions may NOT be displayed in browse bins with original artwork.
For more info about CAFE see www.cafe-artists.org.


Application will be made through Entrythingy.com. Apply using the application link on the "APPLY" page.
2017 award winners are jury exempt. They do not go through Entrythingy, but must send the booth fee of $350 by March 1 directly to Judy Ladd at the address below.


All participants, except 2017 award winners, will be juried by four images representative of each medium to be exhibited. Three images must be of individual pieces of work and one image must be of your current display. The display should be an accurate depiction of your work and presentation. There should be no name or people visible in the booth. The images should be jpeg files, 1920 X 1920 pixels (as per Zapplication format) A description of the images and a brief biography should be included.


Apply to the Leeper Park Art Fair through Entry Thingy. Click the "To Apply" link at left. You will be instructed on the Entry Thingy application to make a copy of your application with your fee to Judy Ladd at the address below. Your booth fee, once accepted, is payable by April 1 to Leeper Park Art Fair, and sent to Judy Ladd at the address below.

Mail to:
Judy Ladd
22180 Sundancer Ct. Villa 504
Estero, FL 33928
No money will be refunded after May 1.
Refund for cancellation before May 1 is contingent on filling the vacancy.


Award winners in the 2017 Leeper Park Art Fair will be jury exempt for the 2018 fair.


Display space is 12' X 12' minimum. Only one artist per exhibit space. All exhibitors are required to be in attendance: no stand-ins or agents are permitted. Exhibitors must check inwith a valid ID. A professional photographer will take reference photos of each booth.


After unloading, exhibitors must park in designated areas regardless of weather. Exhibitors violating parking rules will be towed and not invited to the 2018 Art Fair. There will be workers available for unloading on Saturday from 7 - 9 am.


Security will be provided Friday and Saturday nights for the purpose of leaving displays set up. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR ART WORK.


The Fair will be publicized by television, radio, newspapers and billboards throughout the Indiana, Michigan and Illinois area.


If you have any questions or special needs, please call Judy Ladd at (574) 276-2942 or e-mail Studio266@aol.com.